Registering In Sam.Gov

In order to do business with the Federal Government, your business must be registered in the Systems for Awards Management database better know as (SAM). GPI understands the frustration businesses have when attempting to navigate through government websites. GPI will work with your business to register in ensuring your information is proper and you are ready to do business with the government. 

So often, it has been GPI's experience,when small businesses register their business in, 50% of the time their information is in complete. If you do not complete SBA's supplemental forms within, the government buyer will never find you.  This is key if you are a small business, the government buyer will go to SBA's database, not,  when searching for small businesses and awarding opportunities, if those sections are not complete you will never be seen in the dynamic small business search. We want to make sure you do not miss any opportunities.

Let GPI's expert enusre your information is correct in and SBA's database. Please feel free to contact us for further information at or 678-822-2303.