Human Capital Management Services


APPLIES TO RECRUITMENT SERVICES ONLY:  $350 Flat Fee Based on 1 to 5 ppl (Payment Required Upfront)

 Additional Fees for Searches Exceeding 5 ppl- Contact GPI for Rates

20% flat fee of the new hires first year gross compensation

This percentage can decrease if there is volume recruiting activity

For more information, please contact GPI at (678) 822-2303


 Domestic and International Recruiting Services 

   Identify and Qualify Potential Candidates Against Job Description

Identify Contingency Hires for Government Contracts

 Access to Candidates with Security Clearances


 Domestic and International Pre- Employment Services - $60 per hour

 Background Verification

Credit Verification

   Motor Vehicle Verification

  Education Verification

    Employment Verification

Drug Testing

 SSN Verification


On Boarding Services (Employment Confirmed) - $60 per hour

Domestic Hires Only

   E-Verify (GA only) Requires Employers to Provide Background Check on All Employees Based on 1 to 30 employees

   Federal Requires I-9 Verification for All Employees

Collecting Information for Direct Deposit

Company Orientation

Benefits Orientation

   Instructions for Employees for Badging for Onsite Government Contractors

   FEMA Contractors are Required to Provide an Equip Form Before Employee Can Work Onsite at Contract Facilty

International Hires Only

  International Work Permits

Processing Visas

   Establishing Payroll Requirements for International Hires

   Understanding International Insurance Liabilities for Employment

 Provide Tax Implications for Employees and Employers


Special Projects - $60 per hour

    HR Compliances

    Classification of Independent Contractors and Full Time Employees

    Assessment of Employment Applications for civil rights violations

    Auditing of Employee Files - Performance Reviews in Separate folder, I-9 separate folder

 Development of Personnel Manual

Job Descriptions

 EEOC compliance - based on 50 employees requires Affirmative Action Plan