You have two more weeks remaining to register for the Winter 8 Week Boot Camp Sessions, Become a Federal contractor..Control Your Own Destiny. Since establishing GPI, October 2015, GPI have trained over 350 individuals through GPI’s 8-weeks Boot Camp Classes on becoming either Business Ready, Government Ready, or Contract Ready.  GPI student’s achievements are highlighted below:

  •  Business Ready students completed their sessions with registered businesses with the state and county and registered in (the official database required for you do business with the government). 
  • Government Ready students completed their sessions with   government marketing materials, teaming partners within the sessions and a knowledge base of government websites for identifying potential mentors and contracting opportunities
  • Contract Ready students completed their session with a strategic marketing plan by identifying the top 5 Federal agencies buying their services and learning how to market to the Federal government.

    If you have already completed GPI’s Boot Camp Classes, we encourage you to continue with your training through GPI’s Specialty classes.  The Boot Camp Classes provided the basic insights, whereas, GPI’s Specialty Classes will go into more depth and continue to provide you with a solid foundation as you continue to take your business to the next level.