We are so happy to learn one of GPI's students, Dionnie Bolar, CEO, Property Enterprises, LLC DBA as Grace Management Group won their first contract with the USDA providing courier services.  Ms. Bolar applied the lessons from GPI's Boot Camp in expanding her business model. She had the determination to step out of her comfort zone to explore Federal contracting. She became committed to the process.  Grace Management Group had a primary footprint in the real estate industry, Ms. Bolar also had previous experience in the transportation industry. After the completion of GPI's Boot Camp, Ms. Bolar expanded her business model to include transportation and began to look for transportation opportunities.  So what happens, Grace Management Group wins a contract for courier services.

Ms. Bolar is a perfect example on "Why there should be no limitations with Federal acqusitions".  CONGRATULATIONS TO DIONNIE BOLAR, CEO, GRACE MANAGEMENT GROUP.